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We support the community that supports us..

Derick sponsors scholarships and deserving charities.
Read how we help the community and tell us how we can help your causes. >>>more


"Derick Associates has donated
over $55,000 to the AOBA Scholarship

Dr. Ronald Williams
Prince George's County Community College



Associates, Inc.
8545 Atlas Drive, Gaithersburg, MD
phone 301.258.1019
fax 301.330.1993

Value-added services make Derick #1.
1. Next Day Lights - We stock what you need!
Energy Management - We save you money!
Free Easy to understand lighting proposals.
4. Turn-key installation through affiliated electricians
Free "No-Questions Asked" Warranty
...and more...


Bright Ideas, Frontline Stories and more of your contributions.

Helpful tips you might not of thought of, plus funny, "bad day," unusual tenant and other behind the scenes property stories from people like you. Read them and send in your own.

>>>"Replacing a regular exit sign with an LED sign can reduce electricity costs by $23 in one year" .... more on this and other ideas in
"That's Illuminating"


Before & After

We're building a portfolio of before and after photos showing solutions that produce more beauty, efficiency, productivity and safety. Check them out in "That's Illuminating".

Before Derick ----- ----- After Derick

Lots of top names depend on Derick.

75 top residential and commercial management companies, representing over 100,000 apartment homes and millions of square feet of office space. See the list in About Us.

...And they have great things to say.

"For the last 10 years, our business relationship has been characterized by honesty and good service."
------------Jace Green
------------Executive Vice President

------------Edgewood Management